#readwhatyouown September

I love novellas, especially  Stephen King’s, because they can lift me out of a reading slump very quickly.  UR is a story about a college professor named Wesley Smith. He’s quite the book lover, but has staunchly refused to buy a Kindle.  Perish the thought!  But after a fight with his computer-savvy girlfriend, Wesley breaks down and buys a Kindle.

Only the Kindle that Wesley receives is unlike any other.  Wesley’s Kindle has a category called UR.  What happens if he clicks on this mysterious link?  Well, things get a little interesting and scary for Wesley.  This novella, along with N, is probably among my favorites of King’s many short stories.  There are nods to The Dark Tower and 11/22/63.  I’ve heard some people say the first part of the story is boring.  To me, that’s called character development.  I have recommended this one to readers who want to start reading some of King’s work.  And this creepy tale, along with many others, can now be found in the anthology The Bazaar of Bad Dreams.

UR is one of my choices for #readwhatyouown September.


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