A few months ago, I read How To Walk Away and posted a review on my blog. I loved the book so much and I put the book on my favorites shelf. When I saw that Katherine Center had a new book coming out, I knew I wanted to read it! Things You Save in a Fire is quite different, but no less enjoyable. I really loved Cassie Hanwell. I loved that she was brave and independent and a woman in a male-dominated profession. I also liked that Cassie was central to the story. It worked so well that the romance did not dominate the story because Cassie was such a well-written female character. She survived two terrible events on her 16th birthday to become a firefighter. Unfortunately, she almost loses her career in Austin when an incident at an awards ceremony gets her fired. She relocates back East to the small town of Lillian, Massachusetts. She is the only female in her new firehouse. And the men don’t really want her there.


Except for a rookie firefighter named Owen, who is the son of a firefighter. Cassie and Owen bond through the pranks from the other firefighters. Cassie also has to live with her mother in Lillian. Her mom isn’t well and she needs Cassie’s help. So now Cassie and her mom must patch up their troubled relationship.


I adore Katherine Center’s writing. I love her female characters and I love how this book is really Cassie’s story. She’s built up so many walls around herself in her personal life and yet, she has to confront her relationship with her mom. Cassie’s life could have fallen apart in Austin when she lost her job. But she found the courage to take on a new position and face parts of her past with her mother, Diana. I almost thought of Owen as a secondary character (he’s not. He has his own issues to face.). I also loved Diana’s friend, Josie and there is a little Easter egg in the book for fans of How To Walk Away.


Thank you to St. Martin’s Press and NetGalley for my copy! Grab a copy on August 13th!


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