The Anomaly by Michael Rutger 

Grand Central Publishing

I originally posted this review on Instagram, but since my blog is so new, I’ve decided to edit some reviews and post them here. The author has a second book coming out and I can’t wait. The Possession will be available on July 23rd!!

Nolan Moore is a YouTube famous pseudo-archaeologist who is the star of a show called The Anomaly Files. He has done some research on an ancient cave using the writings of an explorer from 1909 who may or may not have found this cave in the Grand Canyon, hidden high in a cliff wall.  Nolan doesn’t know if the cave actually exists but he gathers up his team who works on The Anomaly Files with him.  There is Ken, his director, a lovable, snarky Brit.  Pierre, the cameraman and Molly, the production assistant.  Molly is the one who gets everything done, part Mom, part kick-ass babe.  And there’s two extras along for the quest for the cave:  Feather, who is representing a foundation that wants to fund Nolan’s show and Gemma, a journalist who is interested in writing an article on Nolan and his show.  Gemma is the sceptic, Feather the believer in all things Nolan Moore.

I read most of this book at night in the winter of 2018 and it was so scary that I still remember what It felt like to read this book.  I was right there with those characters in that cave.  I felt the fear, the anxiety, the darkness.  I was part of the entire team as they searched for the mysteries that cave, following Nolan Moore’s obsession with it.

I remember when I was in elementary school we took a field trip every year to these caverns near our school.  It was a touristy little thing but to us kids, we imagined ourselves as explorers.  I wasn’t afraid of the dark back then.  I was a bit more fearless than I am now. Now I know how scary it is to feel trapped and afraid. But if you fight against the darkness, there just might be a light, a spark of hope.  I know it sounds lame, but I think we need a bit more hope and kindness, especially now.  We seem to be shrouded in darkness.

So, I got all this from a book that is described as “Indiana Jones meets the X-Files.?”  Yes and this book is all that—action, adventure, strange and mysterious.  But it also made me think about things like not giving up, not giving in, and helping others.  I love books that are entertaining.  I love books that make me think about the bigger picture.  This one did both.  I usually don’t keep many books.  I either trade them at my used bookstore or I donate them to the library.  This one I kept and I wouldn’t mind reading again.

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