Pretty Revenge by Emily Liebert

This is a story of revenge, of two women with a shared past who followed very different paths. Kerrie’s life was not going well when she sees Jordana is on a morning TV show. Kerrie recognizes Jordana as the young woman who Kerrie has come to believe destroyed her life. Jordana is now living in Manhattan. She has a rich husband and she runs a wedding concierge business. Everything seems wonderful for Jordana, but Kerrie just lost her job and her relationship and is struggling to find her own path in life.
Don’t go into this book thinking it’s a thriller with lots of twists. It really is a modern tale of revenge. Kerrie and Jordana alternate telling their stories and with each chapter, we find out a bit more about their lives and their pasts, peeling back the layers to reveal why Kerrie wanted revenge so badly and how the quest for it motivates her so fully. .
Pop this one in your beach tote. Perfect for a summer afternoon escape! ❤️❤️
Thank you to @gallerybooks#partner@kccpr and @emilyliebert for this enjoyable book! Pretty Revenge is available now. 😊. Many thanks for the lovely nail polish named for the two main characters, Kerrie and Jordan, by @kbshimmer.


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