Last Sunday, I grabbed my Kindle and got lost in this mystery/thriller and I absolutely loved it!  I think this book is going to end up to be one of my favorite books for 2019.  I would classify it as modern gothic mystery and once I started reading, I succumbed to this creepy story.  It wouldn’t let me go.


Jules Larsen is down on her luck when she answers an ad for an apartment sitter at The Bartholomew, the exclusive apartment building for the rich and famous in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  Jules is broke, having just lost her job and her apartment because she found her boyfriend cheating on her.  She is desperate for money and a place to live, so Jules ignores all the red flags about the job.  No visitors.  No talking to the other residents.  She can’t spend a night away from the apartment. Her best friend, Chloe, begs her not to take the job.  Not only are there too many strange things about the job, but The Bartholomew has a long, dark history.  Jules remains undaunted.  Especially when she sees 12A, the gorgeous apartment with a view to die for.  She packs her meager belongings and decides to become the temporary resident of 12A.  Maybe this is just an old, creepy building with eccentric residents.


Or maybe there is something else going on behind the glamorous walls of The Bartholomew?  Something ominous and sinister.


I read Final Girls last year and for me, Lock Every Door was a far superior book.  I loved the immersive writing, I loved the setting of a bizarre old building.  I loved Jules, who narrates the entire story.  This is just really great read.  Riley Sager, you have become an auto-buy author for me!


Thank you so much to NetGalley and Dutton Books for my copy.  This one is available on July 2nd!!



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