Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Another Side of Paradise by Sally Koslow. Thank you to @suzyapprovedbooktours for the invitation to read and review this historical fiction book.  The paperback version released on May 28th!


Welcome to Hollywood, 1937.   We meet Sheilah Graham, a gossip columnist, who has a glamorous life writing about the movie stars of the Golden Age of cinema.  She fought her way from London’s slums to LA to follow her dreams of a better life.  While attending a glitzy party, she meets F. Scott Fitzgerald.  As Sheilah tells us, that’s when her real life began.


Fitzgerald is in LA, trying to write movie scripts to make money while trying to stay sober.  His wife, Zelda, is back East in a mental institution.  Graham and Fitzgerald begin a tumultuous love affair even though Sheilah knows that Scott will never leave his wife.


I enjoyed reading this historical fiction about Sheilah, her early life and her relationship with Scott.  I was so moved by her story and I definitely recommend this book to all historical fiction fans, especially if you enjoy reading about the latter part of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s life, Old Hollywood, and a grand love affair. ❤️📽


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