Hen and Lloyd move from Boston to a quiet suburb so Hen can find some peace and quiet.  She is an illustrator of children’s books and has struggled with bipolar disorder in the past.  Now Hen can have her own studio and focus on her artwork.  It seems that Hen and Lloyd have made a fresh start.


Until one night when their new next door neighbors invite Hen and Lloyd to dinner at their house.  Matthew and Mira Dolamore seem nice enough.  But while taking a tour of the house, Hen spots an object in Matthew’s study that triggers fear and panic.  It’s a fencing trophy, a piece of evidence from a murder that Hen obsessively followed in the news.  The victim attended the very same high school where Matthew teaches.  Hen begins to obsess and wonder if Matthew Dolamore is a murderer.  Or is she having another psychotic breakdown like she had years ago in college?


Who can we trust?


This is my first Peter Swanson and it was my March 2019 BOTM pick.  The description sounded interesting, so I ordered it and I was not disappointed.  As I read this book, I had absolutely no idea where this was going until I had my moment, of “oh, I did not see that coming” towards the end.


Even though I love to read thrillers as an escape, they sometimes can become a bit repetitive.  This one changed it up a little bit.  There were multiple narrators and it felt easier to immerse myself in this creepy story.  I read this during a busy week for me and I kept wanting to get back to it when I finally had a few free moments.


Have you read this one?  What book from this author would you recommend next?


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