Beyond The Point by Claire Gibson


This book is the story of three friends, Dani, Avery, and Hannah.  They meet at West Point while playing on the women’s basketball team.  They all come from different backgrounds and different family situations but they have a shared purpose: to serve their country and to play basketball on the West Point team.  They all had a chance to attend other colleges but each of them chose West Point and that wasn’t an easy choice to make.  Life at West Point is difficult.  It is rigorous military training combined with academics and owing the military years of your life after graduation.


This is the story of friendship and even though this book was almost 500 pages, once I began to read, I couldn’t stop.  I saw pieces of myself in each of these amazing women and I completely immersed myself in their story from the first page.  I felt every emotion right along with them as the three friends moved through their time at West Point and beyond.  I remember taking a tour of West Point many years ago and one of the cadets showed our group around their rooms and how they live and I remember being in awe of what they go through and their commitment to the Army after graduation.


I love stories that follow a group of friends over a period of time.  And at its heart, Beyond The Point is about this trio of women and their bond with each other.  About how friendships evolve over time.  It’s about triumph and tragedy, laughter, tears and I learned about women in the military.


Read this great book!  One of the best of 2019.


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