High Flying by Kaylin McFarren


Thank you to Lori @getredpr for my copy.  This book is available now! (Pub date May 18th, 2019)


Skylar Haines is a young girl with a troubled past.  Her father died before she was born.  Her mother is not in her life.  Skylar is living with her grandfather, but is also having to deal with all the demons from her past.  Her escape is airplanes and flying and when she is able to leave her grandfather’s house, she pursues her passion for stunt flying.  While participating in an air show and attempting daredevil stunts that no woman pilot has accomplished, Skylar encounters a strange storm and is nearly involved in a midair collision.


Somehow, Skylar lands safely but she is no longer in the present.  She has traveled back in time to eight months before she was born, to when her father was still alive.  Before he was murdered.


Can Skylar change her the fate of her family?  This book is filled with something for everyone.  It’s a psychological thriller with daring flights, personal tragedies, a mystery involving a drug cartel and ultimately a quest to change one’s past.  A remarkable and interesting read!

First Place for Suspense in the 2019 Independent Press Award

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