The First Mistake by Sandie Jones


This book was an enjoyable thrill ride.  It was a page-turner and it’s just pure fun, especially if you’re a fan of thrillers that include a hot mess of characters.  Alice lost her first husband, Tom, but she remarried and had a second daughter with Nathan.  She’s got a great business, her two daughters and a pretty decent life.  But when Nathan starts acting a bit strangely, Alice turns to her best friend, Beth, to talk things over and find comfort.


Oh, but can Alice trust Beth?  Can Alice trust Nathan?  What is going on with Nathan?  Can we trust Alice?


Only one way to find out!  Some thrillers make me uncomfortable.  Some keep me on the edge of my seat.  This one is just pure fun. The last quarter of the book felt like a good ‘ol soap opera (remember those?).  It’s a great summer afternoon read! Or if you just had a crappy day and need an escape, pick up The First Mistake.  Thank you to Minotaur books #partner for my copy.  This one publishes tomorrow!!


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