Happy Pub Day!! 

Waisted by Randy Susan Meyers

Daphne and Alice are deeply unhappy with their bodies.  They meet at Privation for a month-long stay in a remote Vermont location that promises weight loss with mindfulness.  What they find instead is that they are trapped literally without access to their phones or families, in a cruel, fat-shaming, reality-show documentary called Waisted.  An experiment devised by the producers and director to see how far women will go in search of weight loss.


This book is for every woman who looks at themselves in the mirror and doesn’t like what they see.  The muffin tops, the big thighs, struggling to get into a body shaper and feeling like a stuffed sausage in the process.  Feeling like you should only eat steamed vegetables for the rest of your life.   I immediately understood and connected with the main characters and how they dealt with their weight problems and what women will put themselves through to be thinner.  When Daphne, Alice and the other women realize that they are just pawns in a horrible game played by the producers of the documentary for the purpose of entertainment, they take matters into their own hands and find the strength within themselves and each other to finally break the cycle of self-hate that has dominated their lives for so long.


It’s difficult to read Waisted but it’s also joyous.  Daphne and Alice alternate in telling their stories and the reader gets to know both women and the people in their lives.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it turned out that I read this book in a day and I really loved it.  Thank you to @atriabooks @getredpr #partner and @netgalley for my copy. 

Also, a huge thanks to @randysusanmeyersauthor for a copy of Women Under Scrutiny.  This book is an anthology of essays, poems, stories and art that examines the relationships we have with our appearance, how we have been treated by the world and how we treat others.


#waisted #randysusanmeyers #atriabooks #netgalley #pubday 


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